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E-filing Form 1099 QuickBooks

· 1099 e-file

Being the boss, if you are to pay more than a certain amount to workers, you need to complete a MISC 1099 form. Getting to see how many steps are possible for e-filing of QuickBooks 1099 forms.

A few easy steps on how to do it are listed below.

  • Fill up the 1099 forms.

Making sure you use step-by-step form and import from Quickbooks. You then need to autofill with intuit payroll.

  • You now have to provide contractor forms.

Before printing the contractor you must create one. So create 1099 contractor forms and then download for the records required for you.

  • E-file with the IRS is a file you need even when you’re on your deadlines. This way you need to avoid stamping on paper or even mailing.

Briefing a little bit on billing and filing and how to prepare 1099 forms.

Once you’ve uploaded, you will be moved directly to the 1099 tax dashboard. But before moving on to that, you need to check indications if they exist or not.

Indications arelike red flags which tell you when and where it has to be corrected. Just press ’Edit’ and change it. Also, the changes which are made here in tax dashboard will not flow back to your QuickBooks desktop.

Now you will have to fill in the necessary information and select ’Update.’ Once updated you will now have to choose the numerous vendors you want to upload to. After selection simplypress ’Next.’

Upon checking the errors, if error found is zero then it’s all ready to upload. If not, it will indicate you with the help of a pop-up notification. You can then change as said above.

Now talking about how to prepare 1099, we can do that in a few simple steps. You have to be careful with whatever to e-file or to mail while preparing Quickbooks 1099 forms.

  • Now to go ’Expenses’ > ’Vendors’ and click ’Prepare 1099’ to start with preparing a form.To proceed just press ’Let’s get started’ option.
  • At this point, you need to recheck on your information the details about your company. If you find errors, then change it,and this may get saved in your company settings as well.
  • All type of payments has to be ticked. Now select the ’Expense accounts’ and click ’Next.’
  • Check if all information of the contractors and their details are correct. If you want to add more information you can press ’Add from vendor list’ anytime. Here you can add the other names from your Quickbooks list. Email address is to be crosschecked properly for giving them online access later.
  • Press ’Next’
  • The list must show the proper and right tax year and the type of vendors.
  • Lastly, click ’Finish preparing 1099s.
  • Back to QuickBooks 1099 e-file to file just press ’Go to 1099 e-file services’

It all depends on your computer setup and network. Different methods are involved in importing files or creating one; you can select which one is preferable. There are as well payment methods and also the filing history method. This will help you find your previous files and also help you to get them printed. You can also get in touch with Quickbooks customer care through the mail or call Quickbooks helpline number for assistance.


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