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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15215

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QuickBooks error 15215 arises while you were installing a significant update. Several factors can contribute to the error. Usually, these happen when you have successfully installed the updates however the “Maintenance Update Releases “were left. When you are trying to you are looking to update them too you receive a message that says “Maintenance Release Update Error 15215”- QB could not verify the digital signature to update the file.


Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 15215


Solution 1- Digital Signature Certificate

QuickBooks errors that start with 15*** are often related to the “Digital Signature Certificates.” It Is imminent you install the proper one to avoid discrepancies. Steps to fix QuickBooks error 15215 -

  • Search “ QBW32.exe “ or find it manually in C:\Program Files\ Intuit\QuickBooks ( this is done for older versions).
  • Right-click the option  QBW32.exe file& select Properties. Right click on the “QBW32.exe” file
  • Click on “Properties”
  • Go to “Digital signature tab” (Ensure “Intuit” is selected in the signature list)
  • click - Details
  • Digital Signature Details window opens,
  • Now press-click “View Certificate option.”
  • Choose the “Install certificate” option and select it
  • Press the “Finish” option to confirm that the certificate is installed properly.
  • Now restart your system
  • Open QuickBooks again
  • Try the download & install the update another time ( you can do this by clicking on the “Help” menu.
  • Select “Update QuickBooks” option

Solution 2- Internet Explorer problem

There are a lot of issues that might occur with your IE browser, as your Internet connection also depends on it. Several updates will also not happen until the problems have been fixed with Internet Explorer.

Before move ahead, ensure that the time and date are correctly configured.

Ensure that the “Time & Date “ settings are rightly set and with this we can further move towards fixing the Internet Explorer. You need to start with choosing it as your “Default browser.”

  • Open an “Internet Explorer” browser
  • Select on the gear icon
  • Press on the “Internet Options”
  • Go to the “Programs tab.”
  • Select the option” Make default.”
  • Select OK

The next function to perform is to check the “Encryption” on the Intuit is functioning correctly or not.

To verify this, go to the Intuit site>> Press alt key>> to go to file and then properties.

Check for the number left that lies on the left of “Bit encryption.” If the number is 128, it is fine. However, if it is lower than 128 bit you have to fix, update or re-install to correct it.

Finally, ensure that Internet connection is configured correctly. Perform the below steps to confirm this.

  • Open IE
  • Click the Gear icon
  • In the menu bar – press on ‘Internet Options.’
  • Go to “connections tab.”
  • Press the “LAN” settings
  • Select the checkbox to detect settings (this is also done to ensure that the “Proxy servers” are blank )
  • Ensure to apply changes and then go to the “Advanced Tab.”
  • Find the “SSL 2.0 & SSL 3.0” and ensure they are marked
  • Uncheck or unmark “ check for publisher’s certificate.”
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • confirm that “TLS 1.2” is not marked.

Solution 3-Ensure that the Firewall is not blocking the QuickBooks

Firewalls can create problems and restrict QuickBooks from accessing the ‘internet’ properly. You should have a single/ one “Firewall” on your computer. Let’s look at the steps to ensure that Firewall settings are put correctly.

  • Go to the “Control Panel”
  • Press on system & security
  • Navigate to Windows Firewall
  • Choose “Advanced settings.”
  • Highlight “Inbound rules.”
  • Right click on “Inbound rules” and press on “New Rule.”
  • In the rule type section- choose “TCP.”
  • Switch the “Second radio button” to – specific local ports
  • Add the below-given ports to fix the update functionality

‘QuickBooks Desktop 2018-8019, 56728, 55378-55382’
‘QuickBooks Desktop 2017-8019, 56727, 55373-55377’
‘QuickBooks Desktop 2016-8019, 56726, 55368-55372’
‘QuickBooks Desktop 2015-8019, 56725, 55363-55367’

  • Ensure to separate these by comma right to the last option
  • Press “next.”
  • Choose the “Allow connection radio button” and select Next
  • Choose “The network type” (in case you have switched from one network to the other it is advised to keep all options checked. To do this click “Next”)
  • Now name the rule & press “Finish.”
  • Repeat the same steps for the “Outbound Rules.”

Solution 4- Run the Update in different ways

Now its turn to try and update the process manually. There should be a “Successful update” now, and no problems should arise for any future updates.

  • Select “Update QuickBooks”
  • Select “Options” and click the “Mark all option.”
  • Press “Save button.”
  • Press update now
  • Choose “Reset Update”
  • Select “Get Updates button.”
  • Once you see the update complete option- then close the “QB Desktop.”
  • Now open “QB Desktop” if you are receiving a message that says “Install update.” In this case press “Yes.”

The next step is to check that the “Payroll updates have been done properly.” These can also cause errors and create malfunctions.

  • Select Option
  • Choose “Mark all option.”
  • Click Save” button
  • Click on “Update now.”
  • Select “Rest Update” and then press “Get Updates” option
  • When you see the “update complete message” – you need to close QuickBooks Desktop
  • Now open Desktop. ( In case you see a message that tells to install the update – select “YES”)

Now check for the “Payroll Updates” that have installed successfully. It is essential to check these also as these can also cause issues.

  • Navigate to Employees Menu
  • Choose “Get Payroll” updates option.
  • Ensure that “download entire payroll update” is selected
  • Press on Update

Solution 5 -Installing the Updates Manually Look to Install updates “Manually.”

If the above methods have been futile to resolve the error you can try this method. Though, please note, it is “One time fix” and cannot ensure that the next update will not have the same error.

  • Go to the “Update to latest release” option
  • Ensure that your product/item is selected( choose the “Change” option and press on QuickBooks if the product was not QuickBooks)
  • Select “Update button.”
  • Select the place to save the file
  • Press in “Save” button
  • After the download finishes – look for the file you downloaded
  • Double click on this to install the update
  • You might have to “Restart” the windows once the installation is finished.
  • Once its completed- Open “QuickBooks” and click “F2” to see if you have been updated to the latest version.

The above methods should solve QuickBooks Error 15215, and you can work smoothly on your system again. However, in case the problem persists, there might be some technical discrepancy, and you should speak to a technical expert at QuickBooks support number to solve the issue.

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