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Resolve QuickBooks Error 61

· QuickBooks Error 61

QuickBooks is excellent accounting software. It is not uncommon that software shows up different errors at different times. While using QuickBooks accounting software, you may face an error named QuickBooks Error 61.

You may encounter QuickBooks Error 61, while you are doing the following activities – downloading, refreshing, printing, uninstalling Microsoft windows, adjusting, opening an account, expelling, etc.

What causes QuickBooks Error 61?

This error can occur due to various factors such as –

  • The problem in framework activity.
  • An invalid section has been left in the Windows registry by an uninstalled program or application.
  • Your PC is infected with a virus or some other malware.
  • The framework has been shut down because of a power cut or some other reason.
  • An essential framework or registry passage is missing.
  • An activity of a framework or application segment has failed to run.


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